Veľkoobchod mrazených výrobkov a potravín


Projektmarket has been acting on the field of food industry in Slovakia since 1993.

At the beginnings we distributed frozen products only.Now we are one of the prominent importers,exporters and distributors of frozen fish,frozen products , semi-products and other food.

Apart of new manufacrturing and processing premises we have new technologies available as well,where we employ 10 people.The total number of employees is 35.

In 2010 we enlarged our frozen-food storage capacity by 500 square meters.This investment strenghtens our market position considerably.

We belong to the group of companies whose manufacturing and stocking premises comply with the latest requirements and the legislation of EU:

Sanctioning number 9-15 SK ES and SK EHS

"Following appropriate manufacturing procedures and guarantee food hygiene control system."

It has been licensed by the State Veterinary and Food Committee of Slovak Republic.